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Colby's Letter to Camp Laurel

August 10, 2005

My name is Colby and I am the official greeter dog for Crabtree's Pick-Your-Own Blueberries in Sebago. Rachel had called and made arrangements for a group from the camp to come to my blueberry farm. It was exciting to see the big yellow school bus pull up to our blueberry stand yesterday and all the campers come out to pick blueberries. I take my job as official greeter very seriously, but there were so many kids to say hello to!

Official Greeter Dog Colby entertained a
group of campers from Camp Laurel in
Casco this week

I hope they all had a good time and learned a lot about picking blueberries. We have a wonderful bumper crop this year at our blueberry farm, and it was good to see so many kids with their buckets picking (and eating) our berries. I have just learned to pick the ripe, sweet berries off the bushes this year myself, so I know how much fun it can be.

Please tell the other campers who couldn't make it yesterday that we will have lots of berries to pick all summer long. If the camp would like to make another trip over I'd be happy to see them. They were all very well behaved and I liked all the attention they gave to me. Just call ahead to let my people know.

Two of the campers from Camp Laurel in Casco
who visited the blueberry patch this week
and picked berries

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