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If you can't find the book you want by a search of our inventory, then Crabtree's Collection Old Books will search for your book world wide. There is no fee charged and no obligation to buy when we find the title you have requested. Complete the form below and send it to us.

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We know that finding that "special" book is important to you (especially if you've been searching for years!), and we'll do our best to make a search for your title the day of your request. We'll get right back to you if we find it. If you don't hear from us right away, it means that you've given us a challenge, and it is taking a bit longer. If the book search you give us is impossible, however, it may take a little longer. We'll try and let you know as "the hunt" continues. Thanks for visiting our web page!

Please Note: When sending this Book Search Request form electronically it will work fine with most browsers (including Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Safari) but you might have a problem if you are using Netscape as your browser. If that is the case, please consider calling us with your request, faxing it or sending it via the US Mail.

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