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Sebago takes delivery of new ambulance

January 6, 2005

The Christmas present for the Sebago Rescue wouldn't fit under the tree, but it was something that had been on the Rescue staff's list for several years. Santa Claus, in the guise of Ron Morin of Sugarloaf Ambulance and Rescue Vehicles in Carrabassett Valley, Maine, presented to the town its new Type III Ford E-Super Duty Gold Medallion Ambulance just before Christmas. On hand to receive the new unit, and also pass along the final payment check, were Sebago Rescue Chief Lauris Champagne, Assistant Rescue Chief Mike Foye, Town Manager David Hague, Rescue Quality Assurance Officer Anita Chadbourne, and Rescue Secretary/Treasurer Bill Poor.

Ron Morin (l) of Sugarloaf Ambulance/Rescue
Vehicles receives a check from
Sebago Rescue Chief Lauris Champagne
for Sebago's new ambulance, while
(l-r) Assistant Rescue Chief Mike Foye,
Town Manager David Hague,
Rescue QA Officer Anita Chadbourne, and
Rescue Secretary/Treasurer Bill Poor look on.
Photo by Bill Poor

The new rescue unit has been several years in the planning, and the town has been putting aside funds to replace the 1991 E-350 Mobil Medical type 3 ambulance. In preparing the town's FY04-05 budget, then Rescue Chief Helen Twombley was able to convince the Budget Committee and Selectmen to add $52,000 to the Capital Investment Program to finish funding the ambulance account. With $122,000 in the bank, Twombley and Champagne solicited bids and began negotiating the best deal they could for the town with the Sugarloaf, who was selected as having the best bid.

Sebago's new ambulance on the scene
of a rescue call within days of arrival in town.
Photo by Allen Crabtree

Ron Morin of Sugarloaf looked at the specifications drawn up by Sebago and told Twombley and Champagne "I can give you everything that you want on this unit, but I can't go any lower than $128,000 on my price." Undaunted, and with the assistance of Town Manager David Hague, a lively dialogue was set up over the course of several weeks. Finally a bargain was struck, and Sebago Rescue got what it wanted on the unit and the final price came in at $115,154. "The town got a great deal", said Hague. The money not spent will stay in the CIP reserve and will be put toward replacing the new ambulance at the end of its 16 or 17 year expected life.

I am very impressed with the new unit. Paramedic Anita Chadbourne asked me to turn the unit around on a call just after Christmas and it drove like a dream. EMT Mike Foye said that the ride is smooth and quiet, and has spoiled everyone in the few days they have used it. It was pressed into service immediately, and has already logged more than 500 miles on calls. Last year Sebago Rescue had more than 200 calls, so the new unit will get a lot use in the years to come.

Santa's visit couldn't have come sooner, because on the very day that the new ambulance arrived the old unit developed a transmission problem and had to be taken out of service. It is up for sale, and sealed bids may be submitted for it until January 28, 2005 to the Sebago Town Office. Call the Town Manager for more information at (207) 787-2751.

The new Sebago Rescue ambulance
Photo by Allen Crabtree

Last updated January 15, 2005

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This article was edited and published in the Bridgton News on January 6, 2005 under the title "New Sebago rescue unit put to the test immediately".