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Sebago Jumps in the Lake for a Good Cause

April 1, 2006

"And they're off!" The crowd can't wait
to jump in the lake at the Sebago Youth
Athletic Association's Diamond Dip fund raiser.
Photo by Allen Crabtree

Saturday, April Fools' Day, was warm and sunny and it seemed as if the entire town of Sebago turned out for the Sebago Youth Athletic Association's "Diamond Dip" fundraiser. Every parking spot at Nason's Beach was full and long rows of cars were parked along Route 114. The atmosphere was festive, with half the crowd in shorts and bathing suits waiting for the starter's horn to jump into the frigid waters of Sebago Lake.

The cold water rescue team
from the Sebago Fire Department
and Sebago Rescue
were at the Diamond Dip just in case.
Photo by Allen Crabtree

As the crowd gathered, the water rescue team from Sebago Fire Department moved into position with their yellow survival suits and yellow "banana" rescue float. Sebago Rescue was on hand with the rescue unit warmed and ready if needed. Thankfully all these preparations were unneeded and the "dip" went off without a hitch.

A section of beach was roped off to keep the non-"dipping" spectators out of the way of the "dippers." I suspect that this was less to impede the trip into the lake than the very quick departure from the lake to a warm towel on dry land. At about 1:30 p.m. the horn sounded and more than 30 brave souls ran into the lake, took a quick plunge, and just as quickly ran out again. The first in the water were out before the back of the crowd even got to the lake!

"Dippers" raised nearly $4,700 for the SYAA through pledges. The top pledge raisers for the men were Kurt Christensen who brought in $923 with his jump in the lake, Ron Willey Jr ($700), Ron Willey Sr ($530), Erik Christensen ($422). Lisa Hutchins was the top pledge raiser for the women with $155. Several raffles were held as part of the Diamond Dip, raising another $446. Justin Chadwick of Sebago won the 50/50 raffle and then donated his $113 in winnings back to the SYAA.

And, since this is an athletic event, it wouldn't be complete without the statistics. Here are the "dipper" stats:
Oldest Male to Dip Chris Harriman (43)
Oldest Female to Dip Maureen Harriman (43)
Youngest male to Dip Gunnar Harriman, Alex Langadas (7)
Youngest Female to Dip Brooke Harriman (4), Katie Popuolo (5)
First Male in Ryan Quincy
First Female in Devin Langadas
Last out Male John Popuolo
Last out Female Brooke Harriman
Best Swimsuit Patrick Irish
Best Swimsuit Molly Christensen

"Wow! Is this cold!" No one lingered
in the cold waters of Sebago Lake
Photo by Allen Crabtree

The SYAA is a group of Sebago parents who support baseball and softball teams for the youth of the town, and held the "Diamond Dip" fundraiser in order to purchase new uniforms and equipment for the teams. The SYAA supporters all donate their time and efforts to make these sports available and wants to thank all those who took part, whether wet or not. They also want to thank Billy Nason for donating the use of his beach for this worthwhile event.

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